Solar Powered Systems are environmentally friendly and reduce your reliance on energy from your utility company. Instead of renting your electricity, you can now own your own clean energy production. Here at Champion Electric Inc., we specialize in designing systems that are geared to provide your company with the best energy cost savings. In your proposal, you will be provided an analysis of your energy requirements, a study of the best energy production design and the application of any available state and federal rebates.
We are committed to a quality installation and ensuring your total satisfaction with our products and service. We at Champion Electric Inc. look forward to helping you achieve energy independence!
Process for Commercial Solar installation 
1. Phone or E-mail - Discuss with you, your plan for a Solar Powered System. Identify what portion of your bill you will want covered by a system. Gather past utility bills to identify your past usage in order to correctly size the system.
2. Site Evaluation - We visit your site, take dimensions, and identify obstructions/shading.
3. Proposal Preparation – We then generate a customized proposal using the information we have gathered. This proposal always includes the AC & DC Wattage of the system, anticipated annual kWh production, return on investment, and many more details of the Solar Power System!
4. Proposal Acceptance.
5. Design, Permits, and Rebate Application.
6. Installation - We use our own California Licensed Electricians to perform all installations. We do not subcontract this work.
7. Final Approval.
8. Generate Energy!

Our Director of Estimating, Pat Howard, is ready to put together a customized proposal just to meet your needs.  Contact him today:

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Solar at Champion Electric Inc.
Our Solar Division strives to help our customers save money and Go Green! We have installed numerous residential and commercial systems. In 2012 we took advantage of the savings we provided for so many of our customers and install a Solar Power System on our own office building.
We are reducing our energy consumption by 16% with the installation of our Solar Power System on the roof of our Riverside office. The 44 solar panels, each at 240 watts, produce an estimated 17,794 kilowatt hours per year. Over a 25 year period, it equates to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 305 tons of CO2. Plus, we will be saving $150-300 per month! You can see what our system is producing by visiting our public monitoring page by going to the following link.
Give us a call today to begin your energy independence!