Our Estimating Department is experienced in bidding the most diverse projects including public works, federal, OSHPD, LEED certified, and private.  We draw on this experience to prepare more thorough and complete bids over those of our competitors. Our level of accuracy allows our customer to be completely confident when analyzing our bid, trusting that our scope is reliable and our price is complete.  We know that every successful project has to start with the right bid.
If you are interested in having Champion Electric Inc. bid your project please contact our Estimating Department at or click here to Request a Quote.  If you are interested in becoming one of our elite subcontractor's please email



Main Office Fax: (951) 276-1460
Pat Howard
Director of Estimating
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 123
(909) 208-3073 Cell

Randy Robison
Senior Estimator
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 117
(909) 208-4543 Cell 

Mike McMullen
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 139


Evan Banda
Account Manager
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 115
(909) 721-3682 Cell
Gene Barnhurst
Account Manager/Estimator
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 135
(909) 208-1192 Cell
Brig Willis
Account Manager/Estimator
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 137
(951) 453-1428 Cell
Cindy Martinez
Estimating Assistant
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 138