We know that Down Time matters for our manufacturing customers!

We understand some customers can loose nearly a million dollars a day in revenue with a power critical failure.  When a critical machine goes down, it can equal a revenue loss typically in the tens of thousands each day, and, at very least, the customer and their employees will be involved in overtime until they catch up because their customers are waiting for the product.

We realize the concerns you have and the impact this has on your company and employees.  That is why we at Champion Electric have created an emergency rate that will allow us to respond to you quickly and get you producing again.

Do you have a down motor?  A common occurrence is when “motor controls” are the issue, not when the breakers are tripped or fuses are blown but the machine just won't work. Our Service Department provides basic repair services, complete refurbishment, and scheduled maintenance options for inverters, AC drives, DC drives, soft starts, motor control relays, drive boards, drive subassemblies, and telementry equipment. We offer high quality repairs in a timely manner to keep the lines moving.

Are you adding new equipment or building your own plant?  Champion Electric Inc. is experienced in not only repairs but complete motor control designs and installation for customers across a wide range of industries.  We will guide you through the design, drafting, programming, panel building, and installation process.  We understand the importance of well planned out panels that contain room for expansion, are well labeled, and easy to work with.  Our motor control experts strive to provide each customer with the highest quality project, on time and on budget.

 Before  After
Complete removal and re-design of controls for a modular home manufacturer's truss press.  Original machine maker no longer in business.

Customer Testimonial

Phoenix Services is a commercial metals company that runs an Electric Arc Furnace steel mill in Rancho Cucamonga. Champion Electric design/built their entire electrical system over the course of many years. Tony from Phoenix Services gives us a tour of the work we have completed. Take a look!


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Our Motor Control Specialist is ready to assist you with any troubleshooting, refurbishments, or motor control designs.  Contact us today!

Evan Banda
Service Manager
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This is a large blower assembly with bearing temperature and bearing vibration sensors we completed. We worked with the customers internal engineers to integrate into an existing logic controller.

Removed and replaced the burned up MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor - the blue object in the middle) on a board for a DC motor drive (manufacturer no longer in production) that rotates large 40' long thermal generator turbines while in repair.

Before After

This is before and after, just before the warning labels were placed, of a broken control box.  All components and cables were removed, reinstalled and tested in a new enclosure.  A new emergency stop circuit was designed to replace the bulky estop/overload combo with a streamlined twist-to-release style as requested.  We also installed an additional estop at the other end of the machine for personnel safety.