Poly High School Football

Glenn Rowden has volunteered his time and resources for the community and the development of the future of our youth in high school kids. He volunteered to be the Wide Receivers coach at Poly High School for the 2012 football season to help teach the importance of hard work, character and team work. Glenn has been blessed by the comradery created by his players and fellow coaches throughout the season. Keep up with the games:

Champion Electric’s Glenn Rowden teamed up with Mark Blount of Pro Trim to update Poly’s Football records displayed in the weight room.

 Habitat for Humanity
Champion Electric Inc. has participated in numerous Habitat for Humanity projects for many years.
February 2015 was our latest Habitat for Humanity project located in San Bernardino.  Our employees and their familes volunteered their time and Saturday to help complete the project.  Learn more about Habitat for Humanity here:

Riverside Poly High Band & Colorguard



In 2015, Champion Electric Inc. hosted a poker tournament to support the Riverside Poly Band and Colorguard.
"The poker tournament was a huge success for the Riverside Poly Band and Color Guard! A great time was had by all! The facility was excellent and we are so grateful we were able to have it at Champion Electric! Ryan did a great job gathering the needed supplies and ensured everything was clean and orderly when we arrived. Ryan and Andy also assisted with the clean up! This was going above and beyond.
And a huge shout out to Greg Ah Sue for his outstanding job as the tournament director! We could not have done it without him.
Thanks again, Champion for hosting this event!!"
-Sandi Ah Sue, Riverside Poly Band Booster
Riverside Young Life

This is an organization dedicated to mentoring local youths and sharing the word of God, Champion Electric Inc. has not only donated time but financial support for this program.